Hello All:  and especially new members!

Many of you have been following the emails that are going out to various groups and committees after the Febr. 3-8th meetings in New York City.   Here is a summary:

l.  The New York meetings resulted in all the committees needed to move the emerging network/association forward.

2. That is happening now with creation of a public webpage here at www.interspirituality.com utilizing the Vision, Mission and Points of Agreements statements generated in Cascadia, then NYC, and through the volunteer Committtees.

3.  It is likely this webpage and other materials will also be able to be further discussed at THE BIG I CONFERENCE in Scottsdale next week.

4.  An e-newsletter through Vertical Response will likely be used to inform the emerging network, also quite soon.

suffice it to say, the emerging network/ association is happening and the webpage will be likely reviewable soon.  It is important to note the following too:

l.  Most likely we will include (1) the Cascadia attendence lists (2) the 80 some people invited or attending the NYC meetings and (3) the 350 member of Community of The Mystic Heart in the initial network.

2.  We have created a dynamic partnership with UN Forum 21 Institute working to attain various global ethics, values and sustainability goals.  The emerging network/association will be noted as a working partner in these initiatives.

3.  Several of us are going west in March and June to meet with Ken Wilber, Fr. Thomas Keating and others with regard to the emerging interspiritual network.

OK, this is a good update– THANKS to all the persons who have been working on these committees.