The Meetings in New York City Febr. 3-8 also produced a dynamic thread re: the new monasticism discussions as “the need for nurturing new community” came up as a principle interest also of the emerging interspiritual network/association.

I am reporting this here since, because the NYC meetings, attended by over 80 persons, were self-select and Adam could only be there a very short time and Rory was not there at all.  Thus, I have been referring, esp. many NEW people in the network to Adam and Rory and also catching them up on the reality of:  (1) the New Monasticism Manifesto, (2) Adam and Rory’s forthcoming book and (3) the background to the various communities already a part of the “Participating Communities” of OUnI (and the many months of discussion that went into many of those).

So, the purpose of this post is to link the emerging interest in new community from the well-attended NYC meetings in Febr. to the larger discussion AND the emerging network/association.

See the Summary post I just made catching everyone up on that.

thanks and love