I am just back for a couple days after two weeks on the road, including the wonderful  DAWN OF INTERSPIRITUALITY conference.

A BIG THANK YOU to WILL, CYNTHIA and RORY re: the conference and to ED and DIANE for the steps they are taking to adapt the BLOG here to the emerging new Association.  I salute them for that and look forward to the ongoing results!

On the way back from Dawn…. I was able to speak on the Barnet Bain show (CA) “Cutting Edge Consciousness”, a very popular CA show, about the conference and also have contributed re: same to the next media blast coming out from SHIFT NETWORK.

Once I am back from Science and Nonduality Conference (where Ed and Rory also join me, along with Matthew Fox) things can settle into a more placid pattern, I hope!

Again thanks to Ed and Diane, Will, Rory and Cynthia… and all