About 20 new members will be joining us over the next number of days (some already are enrolled) .  WELCOME!  This new group principally represents leaders from several east coast (and national) interfaith/ interspiritual groups that have wanted to become actively involved in the creative process around the growing interspiritual phenomenon and movement.

Some of them will also be involved in several unfolding gatherings among, and between, members of these groups as part of (1) our hope that a regularly meeting East Coast group can develop (much in the model of the original Snowmass Initiative) and (2) developing plans for several substantial east coast programs/ events surrounding the emerging interspiritual movement, not to mention participation in the other conferences of our community– like the upcoming “Big I Conference” March 7-9 in Scottsdale, AZ.

So, one way to enfranchise these new leadership people is to enroll them in the blog!