This is a companion to my piece on LESSONS TO LEARN.  I want to just say clearly and directly what interfaith leaders are telling me they want from the emerging interspiritual movement.  And this includes the Sukyo Mahikari leadership I mentioned in my other emails to many of you.

l.  They want us to create a coherent universal statement about the interspiritual vision that can readily be identified-with by very broad constituencies and, also, used vigorously in public media to start getting this message to wider and wider audiences

2.  They would like to see this message emerge as a coherent curriculum (for education) including BOTH the “cushion” aspect and the “activist” aspect.

3. They want us to pioneer an “Association” that has a “new paradigm” leadership model that can start offering a core & center that people can move toward– a clear leadership for an interspiritual movement

4.  They suggest to do this we will need to (1) expand the participation in this blog and across our currently defined constituencies and this means  (2) we need to start to enfranchise more people in our widening “leadership”

5.  They agree with us that mentoring and “formation process” stuff is VERY important and crucial re: the inter-generational aspect of this process.